About Us

Great Products and First-Class Customer Service

Wilhelmina Sales is Canada’s swim, apparel and accessories sales agency whose founding partners, Sarah Hart and Stephanie Vitali collectively bring over 20 years experience from within the fashion industry. 

We are an all-encompassing sales agency that will continue to search for, present, and sell great products for years to come. 

We are not your average agency. Wilhelmina Sales brings a personal style and flavor that other agencies do not offer. We have the desire to bring the freshest, trendiest, and most fashionable products to stores around North America, while maintaining a balance between what we like, with what sells.

Wilhelmina is focused on not only delivering great products but also a great response from the final consumer. We are a full service agency, willing to go above and beyond with first class customer service to ensure our products fly off the shelves.

Stephanie and Sarah have been dedicated to search for, presenting,
and selling great products for the last 6 years and years to come!



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